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Hosted/Produced By Geoff Siskind


An episode from the award-winning podcast Hackable? where Geoff, along with two white hat hackers, see if they can hack their story producer's smart TV right in the middle of a big game.


Produced by McAfee with Response Marketing and Pacific Content .

to a few radio and podcast pieces

Hackable? - Geoff Siskind
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The Rise and (quick) Fall of Canuxploitation

Produced By Geoff Siskind

A documentary produced for the podcast The Imposter (from Canadaland) about the rash of B-movies produced in Canada in the 70's and 80's.

The Rise and (quick) Fall of Canuxploitation - Geoff Siskind
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Produced By Geoff Siskind

A small and surreal radio piece originally produced for the CBC and New Adventures in Sound Art. It went on to play at festivals in Canada, the U.S, and Europe and aired on CBC and NPR. 


Spoiler alert: It's kind of weird.

Snooze - Geoff Siskind
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The Wallendas
Produced By Geoff Siskind

Produced for Pacific Content and The Slack Variety Pack. It tells the story of Rick Wallenda and the tightrope walking legacy of the Flying Wallendas.

Life with the Wallendas - Geoff Siskind
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Behind Enemy Lines
Produced By Geoff Siskind

This is a a doc produced for the CBC radio series Search Engine (with Jesse Brown), about a suburban mom who battled terrorism at night from her computer. This piece won an award at the New York Festivals. 

Behind Enemy Lines - Geoff Siskind
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